You can start exploring the city you are currently located at by clicking on the Explore option within the side bar. Below explains what you can initially find in the starting city of Taurino, but other cities may have other options available.

Shops: Here you can buy everything from med supplies, to weapons to make your enemy need meds.

Item Market: You can go and see what people are selling here.

Crystal Market: Come here to buy or sell crystals.

Travel Agency: This will bring you to new towns with different equipment, keep in mind you can only fight someone in your town.

Estate Agent: Go here to buy yourself a new house.

Crystal Temple: Trade your crystals for various things.

City Bank: Here you can deposit your money. You must first open an account for $50,000, and pay a fee for depositing.

Gangs: See a list of all the gangs in Criminal Fire.

Gang Wars: A list of all current wars between gangs.

The Back Alley: Allows you to search in various spots about the city for things that others may have discarded, but you can use.

Gang Battle Zone: Here is where you can view the gangs that are currently at war with each other.

Staff Application: This will bring up an online application form to apply for a staff position within the game community.

Polling Booth: Any past or new polls are available to view from here.

Federal Jail: Where all the suspected cheaters on the game go. If you're in here without cheating, mail

User List: Shows a list of all the players on the game which can be sorted by various criteria.

Game Statistics: A list of various miscellaneous statistics about the game and its players.

Hall Of Fame: Shows the top 20 players in various fields.

Users Online: Shows a list of the latest players that have been active.

Staff Members: A list of all the staff on Criminal Fire and whether they are online or not.

Roulette: The classic casino game. Can you guess which number will come up next?

High-Low: Rack up a fortune guessing if the next number is higher or lower.

Slot Machines: The good old slots are here. Will you make your fortune, or lose your shirt?

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